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We are Mortgage Advisors

Loan officers/originators take your application. Mortgage Advisors are so much more! We run analyses to help you make the most informed and best choices in finding a mortgage. Not all clients are the same and not all mortgages are the same. Here are some examples of the type of analyses we do to help you make the right decision.

Rent vs. Buy 

If your rent is close to or more than a mortgage payment, wouldn't you want to know if homeownership is possible? Stop building your landlord's equity and invest in yourself!

Cost of Waiting

Are you on the fences on buying your next home? Did you know home prices rise on average 4% nationally year-over-year and rates are volatile? You could buy the same house next year, but the home prices and value are very likely to increase and who knows what the rates will be, ultimately increasing your cost of homeownership just for waiting. On top of that, consider the loss of appreciation and equity-building of your home. 

Investor Cash Flow

Before you purchase your next investment property, be sure to ask us to do a Cash Flow analysis. Depending on the market and area, positive cash flow may not be possible until after a couple of years. Our Cash Flow Analysis will show you all the numbers you're wondering so you can make the right decision.

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame

When we started Providence Mortgage, we decided to be different. We wanted to redefine what a successful business looks like, and that drives our desire to be significant in how we are changing lives. Our core values are simple:



offer the best, cost-saving mortgage solutions by using every resource to make the loan process smooth and simple


serve those who are under-served in our community through creative collaboration

Our goal is to become the most trustworthy mortgage company who genuinely cares for the community we live in and to be a catalyst to others in loving and serving others. We don't want to be known for how much sales we've accomplished. We want to be known for how much we are giving to the community. Let's make a difference TOGETHER!

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