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Best Tips to Buying a Home

Homebuying can be one of the most stressful yet exciting experiences of your life. Below are some tips we help navigate with our clients to make it the best experience ever!

1. Are you ready to purchase a home? If you are paycheck-to-paycheck, this may not be the best time to commit to a paying a large down payment and closing costs in the thousands. At Providence Mortgage, our Mortgage Advisors are trained to have the difficult, yet honest conversations to help you determine whether your financial health is conducive to purchasing a home. Sometimes, "no" and "not yet" will be the best answer you may need to hear. 

2. Consult with a well-qualified mortgage advisor. They will take a deep look into your credit, income and assets to analyze how likely you can be approved to get financed for a home purchase. Remember, being qualified is not the same as being able to afford. We make sure every pre-approval is rock solid so we don't have surprises or disappointments. 

3. Have a "must-have" list as well as a "nice, but not necessary" list. There is no perfect house, but you can always find the perfect home. Be open to fresh ideas and outside-the-box home search parameters. The more open and flexible you are, the chances of find your new home gets closer to becoming a reality.

4. Enlist the best real estate agent. Not all agents who can open doors and write a contract will be the best for you. Consider the chemistry and cadence a good real estate agent can bring to you. They have to be willing to put your best interests first and always. Ask us for referrals to some great real estate agents we have successfully worked with and know. It's kind of like match-making and recruiting your own Dream Team. 

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